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Juste dire

Just saying

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10 exemples phrases

  • And one of the female doctors just came in and was just yelling at me and just saying, you idiot.
  • Thank you so much. Audience Encore LP I'd just like to end off by just saying this
  • This is just a fancy way of saying it, and then these curly brackets just mean a set.
  • Of course I ain't saying you're wrong, Joe. I'm just saying you got me all mixed up.
  • This is just like, if this was f of x, it's just like saying f prime of x.
  • I was just saying, if you'll just set down the tea, I'll try and drink it.
  • I was saying, Timmy's just like you obstinate, jealous, but adorable.
  • I'm just simply saying that a world without love is a deadly place.
  • If you keep saying this... ... you will just be denying your crime.
  • But anyway, I should have started by saying just how lucky I feel.
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