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Juste de dire

Fair to say

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  • Aristotle spoke of ethics, but he said that ethics, or ethos, is the fair behavior that we seek to show on the exterior. But he said to have this fair behavior, we need to have ithos, that is to say, strength of character.
  • 2.1 This opinion deals specifically with fair trade itself, that is to say the alternative trade partnership linking producers and consumers which has been built up over recent decades by the fair trade movement.
  • If we take the two together flexibility and fair conditions it will be with a clear conscience that we can say 'yes' to using emissions trading to protect the climate, but under flexible and fair conditions.
  • In the same way, because it's an emergent phenomenon, it's not fair to say that that wave It's not fair to say that all waves are due to people standing up and sitting down at the right time.
  • I tried at all times, as chair of the committee, to be fair to all the Member States, strict but fair, as my teachers always used to say to me, and I am trying to do the same now.
  • I would also like to say that the commitment to greater openness must be accompanied by a fair distribution of responsibilities amongst the developed countries.
  • I think it is fair to say that the members of the Council have encouraged both Tribunals to consider pursuing their completion strategies vigorously.
  • So I'm just a lawyer, I look at this range of numbers, and I say it's fair for me to say it's .05 percent who are our relevant funders in America.
  • It is therefore quite fair to say that all the institutions have endeavoured to keep within these limits, and to maintain budgetary discipline.
  • I think it is fair to say to the House that the Court has taken a number of important measures internally to minimize these difficulties.
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