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Comment dire "investissement coûteux" en anglais, la traduction "investissement coûteux" en anglais :

Investissement coûteux

Expensive investment

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  • But there, too, we need to ask whether we should help industrial development indirectly with massive expensive infrastructure or else more directly by encouraging industrial investment.
  • Kaesong is an expensive investment for South Korea, which provides capital and infrastructure, including a power station, a water purification plant, and a hospital.
  • The problem of return on investment investment in reducing energy consumption can be very expensive, while the short term returns may be very low.
  • Ultimately, even where expensive social plans are implemented, the calculations are viable and there is a return on investment within two years on average.
  • a reduction or avoidance of expensive investment in heavy infrastructure and costs for treatment and purification for achieving drinking water.
  • The university expects to have reduce energy consumption by 87 over time, justifying an expensive initial investment in the pump.
  • It is both expensive and largescale because expensive agreements tend to be largescale and largescale agreements expensive.
  • Professionally managed investment funds are expensive, because managers trade a lot and are paid hefty fees.
  • Foreign investment is also declining, and local production is paralyzed, necessitating expensive imports.
  • Yet the investment in drip irrigation is generally more expensive than less efficient irrigation methods.
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