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Comment dire "humanité partagée" en anglais, la traduction "humanité partagée" en anglais :

Humanité partagée

Shared humanity

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  • Mr. Kanu Sierra Leone said that his country condemned terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and shared the view that terrorism constituted a threat to all that humanity stood for.
  • Whatever our shared endeavors, Asians must take care that they are undertaken through shared responsibilities, shared burdens, shared values, and shared benefits.
  • Both movements were built precisely around the idea of reclaiming and reasserting a shared humanity in the face of a society that had deprived it and denied it.
  • It is clear that, regardless of the things that separate us, there exists a deep sense of our shared humanity and fragility in the face of such terrible events.
  • They aided him also in this work of humanity, and all, except perhaps the incredulous Pencroft, soon shared both his hope and his faith.
  • Shayne Hood shared his father s story, A weekend of hell, but humanity prevails, on Facebook and created a group to spread the word
  • This autumn, the EU is to unite around an asylum and immigration policy based upon humanitarianism and shared humanity.
  • A desirable vision for the future of humanity must appeal to universally shared conceptions of justice and equity.
  • What is it that we have every right to ask of ourselves, out of our shared humanity and out of the human spirit
  • There was no day when humanity came together, separate in all of those things and just shared it together
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