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Comment dire "hausse du marché" en anglais, la traduction "hausse du marché" en anglais :

Hausse du marché

Market surge

Hausse du marché

Market upside

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  • In recital 78 of the provisional Regulation, the Commission recognized that production by the Community industry is currently insufficient to meet the surge in demand that recently occurred in the Community market.
  • make sure of this surge in technological development we are going to have to find a big enough market for the what we produce. Thus the internal market and technological revival go hand in glove.
  • 2.7 Since the beginning of 2006 there has been a surge in investment flows into these markets, as reflected in the total number of outstanding futures contracts held by market participants.
  • China is already Japan s largest export market, leaving it ideally situated to capture additional market share in the coming surge of Chinese demand for consumer products and services.
  • The substantial surge in the interest rate on Greek bonds relative to German bonds in the past few weeks shows that the market now regards such a default as increasingly likely.
  • That's how prominent Chinese economist Wu Jinglian described the nature of the Chinese stock market last year during a finance summit when the stock market began to surge.
  • The surge in the use of these instruments and uncertainties regarding counterparties exposures may partly explain recent developments in a number of market segments .
  • Indeed, there is a clear coincidence in time between the surge of dumped imports and the drop of the Community industry's sales volume and market share.
  • An order is an instruction to buy or sell on a trading venue such as a stock market, bond market, commodity market, or financial derivative market.
  • Growth in market based financing through both debt and equity slowed down , in parallel to the surge in the cost of these sources of funding .
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