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Héritage chéri

Cherished legacy

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  • cherished memories, cherished communities proto nationalism in Tibet , in The History of Tibet Volume 2, The Medieval Period c. AD 850 1895, the Development of Buddhist Paramountcy , 492 522, ed.
  • The influence of the mare nostrum, cherished by the Latins, and the legacy it has left us over time have been the eternal concern of countless intersected civilizations.
  • And so the cherished remembrance of my Virlandaise became associated with our adventurous expedition.
  • This is an important aspiration, cherished by the European Trade Union Confedera tion in particular.
  • The pleasure of leaving a legacy behind, even if it's not financial it's a legacy of knowledge.
  • We therefore need Eurojust for cooperation in connection, for example, with my cherished Baltic.
  • The greatest crime we committed or tolerated was the savaging of our cherished Constitution.
  • The greatest crime we committed or tolerated was the savaging of our cherished Constitution.
  • They conspire with cunning against your people. They plot against your cherished ones.
  • Woman, sir, is a chalice... a frail, delicate chalice, to be cherished and protected.
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