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Comment dire "goûts de luxe" en anglais, la traduction "goûts de luxe" en anglais :

Goûts de luxe

Expensive taste

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  • She began to reveal her wealth it was public knowledge that she lived seasonally in the most affluent neighborhood of San Diego she showed off her expensive taste, her fondness for private planes.
  • There were also those in Yugoslavia and, more recently Serbia, who criticized her spending habits, along with her husband's, who was a well known hedonist of expensive taste.
  • taste receptors Most taste buds on the tongue and other regions of the mouth can detect umami taste, irrespective of their location.
  • It is both expensive and largescale because expensive agreements tend to be largescale and largescale agreements expensive.
  • Rare taste loss reduced taste , paraesthesia peripheral paralgesia , tremor shaking , convulsions, migraine.
  • His designs were opulent yet never overstated expensive and executed with impeccable taste.
  • The most expensive country is almost twice as expensive as the cheapest.
  • Babies love the taste of sweet and hate the taste of bitter.
  • Try water, taste a taste you like you can come up that it
  • These cookies aren't expensive, but they taste good.
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