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Gars intelligent

Smart guy

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  • We are going to build smart cars, but we also need to build smart roads, smart parking, smart public transportation systems and more.
  • And cynics might say, you know, this is just a smart business guy doing what it takes to execute his particular style of marketing.
  • This is the first guy right here, second guy, third guy, fourth guy, fifth guy, sixth guy, seven, eight, nine.
  • You take a smart guy, put him in a racket he ain't wised up to and he's the biggest chump on earth.
  • You sign it and we'll go. Now listen, smart guy. I'll run my business my own way.
  • How What you need is a manager. A wise guy, somebody who's very smart.
  • This time he was Çeto Cheto , the smart guy in a Roman neighborhood.
  • In second place, a smart guy don't play April fools jokes on April 1.
  • But Chico is a smart guy and he's the one enjoying it all.
  • I got a proposition oughta interest a smart guy like you.
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