"générateur d'impulsions" en anglais

Comment dire "générateur d'impulsions" en anglais, la traduction "générateur d'impulsions" en anglais :

Générateur d'impulsions

Impulse generator

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  • These issues are affected by the choice of one of the three MHD generator designs the Faraday generator, the Hall generator, and the disc generator.
  • The nerve impulse starts with a receptor, a specialized part of each nerve, where the electrical impulse begins.
  • If there is any impulse which contributes to good research it is the impulse of pure curiosity.
  • Some generator parts were delivered with the generator sets transferred from UNTAC.
  • Why is the creation, the impulse to create Second Life, not a utopian impulse
  • So, I made a hydrogen generator and I made an oxygen generator,
  • You can see, this is the generator. It's a crank generator.
  • b Modified integrated generator systems
  • Image from online banner generator tupian.
  • Total impulse capacity exceeding 1.1 MNs
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