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Fiscale impulsion

Fiscal impulse

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  • The operation of automatic stabilisers will provide a relatively large and powerful fiscal impulse to the weakening economy , in addition to already announced expansionary fiscal policy measures and the government support for the banking sector .
  • However , by the third quarter of 1999 , as the fiscal impulse faded away , a sharp downward correction of public investment growth took place , accompanied by negative growth in consumption and private investment .
  • Domestic demand is expected to benefit from the fiscal impulse measures implemented , a cyclical increase in inventories and the measures taken to facilitate the functioning of the financial system .
  • Ultimately it is only possible to measure the financial impulse in terms of its regional distribution, using actual or forecast payment flows, but not the economic effect resulting from this impulse.
  • Because the weight on Earth of the reaction mass is often unimportant when discussing vehicles in space, specific impulse can also be discussed in terms of impulse per unit mass.
  • As the failed efforts of the United States Administration last spring to enact a temporary fiscal impulse showed, Governments find it very difficult to act in the fiscal arena.
  • The result has clearly generated a new political impulse, which will not be confined to Nicaragua alone a political impulse which the Commission is constantly monitoring.
  • We expect it will give an impulse to undertakings which are starting up in the difficult initial phase and a positive impulse for indus try and employment in the Community.
  • One impulse behind America's international engagement, and one of the great sources of its global power, has been its enduring impulse to make the world a better place.
  • abnormal dreams, behavioural symptoms of impulse control disorders and compulsions confusion, hallucinations, insomnia, restlessness
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