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Face à l'humanité

Facing humanity

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  • Emphasizing the need to acknowledge and respect the richness of all civilizations and to seek common ground among civilizations in order to address comprehensively common challenges facing humanity,
  • This report is essentially a primitive text with no inspiration other than the law of the jungle, for it is not competition that can solve the problems facing humanity at this turn of the century.
  • Eliminating hunger is one of the most important challenges facing humanity, and can only be achieved through concerted action by national governments and the international community.
  • But Larry Page made an impassioned speech at our organizing meeting, saying we should devote this study to actually addressing some of the major challenges facing humanity.
  • The talk, titled Contours of World Order Continuities and Changes, was mostly about two dominant threats facing humanity nuclear wars and environmental degradation.
  • At the opening ceremony, world leaders and mayors warned that rapid urbanization was one of the greatest challenges facing humanity in the new millennium.
  • The relevance of our great Organization to the solution of the common problems facing humanity is more manifest today than at any time in our history.
  • We must endeavor to shorten the list of challenges facing humanity. But that requires all of us to engage in a debate about what we need to do first.
  • We must come together around the desire for mutual understanding and joint endeavour to identify and address the common risks facing humanity.
  • And I asked him what he felt was the best thing I could do, or anyone could do, to make a difference in the long term issues facing humanity.
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