"et tout le monde" en anglais

Comment dire "et tout le monde" en anglais, la traduction "et tout le monde" en anglais :

Et tout le monde

And everyone else

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10 exemples phrases

  • With regard to services, I would remind you that the GATS negotiations take place in stages first, requests, when everyone makes requests of everyone else, then offers, when everyone makes offers to everyone else.
  • Working together makes us strong, instead of everyone being against everyone else and opposing anything new.
  • everyone suspects everyone else, and only international control can solve this problem of trust.
  • They were like snowboarders and skiers, or like the Westboro Baptist Church and everyone else.
  • What's happening is that everyone whose downloading the file is sharing with everyone else.
  • Supposedly, everyone is connected to everyone else by, at most, six degrees of separation.
  • Like everyone else, I am thinking particularly of transparency and good administration.
  • And then the Third Estate is everyone else. Is everyone else.. In a different color.
  • You'll meet some girl and... fall in love and settle down just like everyone else.
  • Elected political representatives should follow the same rules as everyone else.
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