"est ce que quelqu'un" en anglais

Comment dire "est ce que quelqu'un" en anglais, la traduction "est ce que quelqu'un" en anglais :






Some one

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  • How many nights did not sleep, some doctors, some bureaucratic a few lines, some commitments 'il know why, this one nasty to say this but it is one of the most difficult have someone sick in the family
  • They were raised in one case by somebody who is still here, and someone else who raised a point to which I will respond was one of a number who mentioned U.S. relations.
  • I know one case, or someone else knows one case, but if it is only one case some time or another, then we are not quite clear why the problem is so great.
  • One of the strongest reinforcements is love, if somebody loves for you, if somebody cares you. if somebody loves you, if somebody cares for you
  • That whenever you're on holiday and somebody collapses, might it be your own relative or someone just in front of you, you can find this.
  • Because somehow, secretly, something inside you, maybe a vasana or some deep tendency is that you need someone, you always need somebody.
  • You can be ruthless, but good luck trying to show somebody that you have ruth unless you happen to be married to someone named Ruth.
  • Marrying someone who s not North African is considered a no no by some in Orosemane s community, even when that someone is Muslim.
  • In fact, one can have saudade of someone whom one is with, but have some feeling of loss towards the past or the future.
  • They have to hire somebody who hires somebody who hires somebody who hires somebody... who has to make a decision.
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