"essentiellement les mêmes" en anglais

Comment dire "essentiellement les mêmes" en anglais, la traduction "essentiellement les mêmes" en anglais :

Essentiellement les mêmes

Mostly the same

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  • Under the same project, a sanitation programme is being implemented, which employs up to 1,000 Somalis, mostly women, through subcontracts with local non governmental organizations.
  • The external control group included 86 patients treated with available therapy as above mostly at the same time and at the same sites as the patients treated with posaconazole.
  • They extract what they can, which is mostly the metals circuit boards and so forth and they leave behind mostly what they can't recover, which is, again, mostly the plastics.
  • At the same time , short term interest rate differentials against the three month EURIBOR were mostly insignificant , although they rose somewhat in the third quarter of 2004 .
  • Worries about globalization and the computer revolution ultimately boil down to the same thing, because globalization is mostly a consequence of new information technology.
  • Trump, in the comedian Jon Stewart s words, is America s id, or at least the id of a large number of mostly white, mostly older, mostly small town Americans.
  • But most things, you really have to know what's going on in the kitchen, because, mostly, sick people used to be healthy people they have the same genome.
  • At two parties held mostly separately by each group I asked the same questions, about why they were in the UK, what they thought of South Africa.
  • Several other villages, mostly located at the foot of the hill on the right bank of the Indre, are experiencing the same level of development.
  • The same constraints, mostly owing to the attitude of the warring sides, have so far prevented the delivery of telecommunication equipment.
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