"envoyer une onde de choc" en anglais

Comment dire "envoyer une onde de choc" en anglais, la traduction "envoyer une onde de choc" en anglais :

Envoyer une onde de choc

Send shockwaves

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  • Moreover, unlike in previous crises, the Union has been largely protected from possible shockwaves of devaluations and counter devaluations of currencies by the existence of a solid, reliable single currency, the euro.
  • The shockwaves immediately spread across the Pacific, where governments and media scrambled to warn citizens especially those who work on the water or those attending school or living in low lying areas.
  • Two years ago, when shockwaves from the collapse of the US housing bubble crashed onto European shores, these political leaders reacted with apparent vigor, making themselves rather popular for a while.
  • The louder thuds rattle this building, as if being hit by a battering ram, though it is just the impact of the shockwaves from some kilometers away.
  • Some investors and governments now worry that the Fed may raise rates too soon and too fast, causing economic and financial shockwaves.
  • The shockwaves created by Amina Lawal's case have just reached Europe let us take action to prevent further shockwaves in the future.
  • In particular, the shockwaves triggered by the shale energy revolution unleashed in the United States are reverberating globally.
  • send send an empty string Expect ID send itsme Expect word send forgot Expect granted send ppp
  • TOKYO The Greek fiscal crisis has sent shockwaves through markets around the world.
  • Select the file to send, and click on send.
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