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Comment dire "envoyer l'avant" en anglais, la traduction "envoyer l'avant" en anglais :

Envoyer l'avant

Send forward

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  • Attachments to a message you are forwarding are forwarded only when you send the original message as an attachment. Inline messages do not forward any attachments.
  • 2. a By 30 June each year, Member States shall send to the Commission their forward national monitoring programmes for the following calendar year.
  • They have testified about your love before the assembly. You will do well to send them forward on their journey in a way worthy of God,
  • We want to send a message today in this interim report that we look forward to the unification process when it occurs in December.
  • Member States shall send this information as soon as possible to the Commission, which shall forward it to the IOCT.
  • The Common Position reflects this desire to send a message of progress and looking forward rather than rigidity.
  • send send an empty string Expect ID send itsme Expect word send forgot Expect granted send ppp
  • 2.5 The secretariat would send CCMI members an invitation to put forward own initiative opinions.
  • To send an invitation, right click on the entry in the calendar and choose forward as iCalendar.
  • To send an invitation, right click on the calendar item and click forward as iCalendar.
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