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Comment dire "envoyer en avance" en anglais, la traduction "envoyer en avance" en anglais :

Envoyer en avance

Send ahead

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  • And keep the prayer established, and pay the charity and whatever good you send ahead for yourselves, you will find it with Allah indeed Allah is seeing your deeds.
  • It is We indeed who bring back the dead to life, and write down what they send ahead of their deeds , and traces that they leave behind.
  • Whatever good you send ahead for your souls you will find it with Allah in a form that is better and greater with respect to reward.
  • Now if I go ahead and select send now, I can actually update both of those channels at the same time with that one message.
  • Your women are cultivation for you so approach your cultivation whenever you like, and send ahead for yourselves.
  • Any good that you send ahead for your own souls, you shall find it with Allah. Indeed Allah watches what you do.
  • Go ahead, hyung nim. They said she will wake up soon. I will guard her till she wakes up and send her home.
  • We shall surely bring the dead back to life and We record what they send ahead and what they leave behind.
  • send send an empty string Expect ID send itsme Expect word send forgot Expect granted send ppp
  • And what you send ahead of good you will find with God, for He sees all that you do ill.
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