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Envoyer commande

Send command

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  • Once the modem is in the command state, you can send it commands. To have it hang up, send the command ATH. The escape codes and the hangup string used by kppp are shown in the Modem commands dialog. These should match your modem.
  • To send directly a command to the back end choose the menu item DebugDebugger command. This will bring a small dialog where you can enter commands that will be send to the debugger when you press Return.
  • Delors would have us send money all over the world Peru, Asia, Maghreb, Libya with nothing in exchange Except to command affection from their oligarchies.
  • So you send a command out, you get sensory feedback back, and that transformation is governed by the physics of your body and your sensory apparatus.
  • Consequently, in 1968, Fighter command and Bomber command were joined together to form Strike command, each becoming groups within the new command.
  • Thou shalt speak all that I command thee and Aaron thy brother shall speak unto Pharaoh, that he send the children of Israel out of his land.
  • Enter the command gpg send keys keyserver wwwkeys.pgp.net 32j38dk2. Substitute your key ID for 32j38dk2. You need your password to do this.
  • I realize that this duty must be carried out, but I beg of you to understand a human weakness, to send someone else to command the patrol.
  • If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people
  • Well, we said, what if you now send the command to the phantom, but give him visual feedback that it's obeying his command, right
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