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Would send

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  • The Commission would send inspectors to the two test sites as and when it wished and Iraq would inform the Commission of each rocket test sufficiently in advance for the Commission to send personnel to observe the test.
  • If the Committee agreed, he would himself draft a letter, which he would send to each member of the Bureau and if it was considered acceptable he would send it direct to the Government of Panama.
  • But I would be very glad if it had the resources which would enable it to tell me The reply I then got from the Spaniards was send it via the department and send it via Interpol.
  • He shall send from heaven, and save from the reproach of him that would swallow me up. Selah. God shall send forth his mercy and his truth.
  • The purchaser would send the administrative officer some dollars digitally, and the vendor would sell the stolen credit card details.
  • Lastly, his emphasis would be on results and he would prefer to send fewer, but more detailed, reasoned and targeted communications.
  • And they would make really interesting little adjustments in their lives, like they would start to send their children to school.
  • Better yet, send us everything that you think is unclear, and if possible, send us what you think would be a clearer solution.
  • send me an email. I get this email, and I would love you all to send it to me and say, I'd like a garden in my school.
  • Then your Lord declared He would send against them he who would oppress them cruelly till the Day of Resurrection.
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