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Comment dire "entre collègues" en anglais, la traduction "entre collègues" en anglais :

Entre collègues

Among colleagues

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  • While among my western colleagues, these elections represent a momentous political situation with human rights implications, the Chinese though not unconcerned with potential elections violence find the politics disruptive of business.
  • These women have maintained relationships with one another across the partisan divide, while those among their male colleagues have steadily deteriorated, giving way to competitive grandstanding and vituperation.
  • Ríos, known as Pavuche among his colleagues, died while being transported to the hospital after having been wounded with a firearm of high caliber, sources familiar with the case told AFP.
  • This applies in particular where a Governor is first among equals between colleagues with equivalent voting rights or where such other members may have to deputise for the Governor .
  • among our initial activities is to teach some of my colleagues in the Parliament about the potential of using social media in improving transparency and governance in the country.
  • Emotions ran high after the news of her death broke, especially among her colleagues in the news industry and in communities with an interest in human rights and African affairs.
  • The Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956 led most of its members to leave the British Communist Party but Hobsbawm, unique among his notable colleagues, remained in the Party.
  • Last night we did note a certain scepticism among some of our colleagues on this point, and it became apparent in sometimes rather surprising ways they can now be reassured.
  • At the first phase the project may not be successful, hijras will face lots of obstacle to gain their social status, there will be disappointments among colleagues.
  • I know that the Secretariat has also declared a number of the amendments to be out of order for various reasons and this has caused concern among many colleagues.
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