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Enseignant stagiaire

Trainee teacher

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  • 1 ensure that the new Lifelong Learning Programme and the European Social Fund support Member States' efforts to improve the provision and content of teacher education, and to encourage the mobility of teachers and trainee teachers
  • teacher training colleges, home economics teacher training colleges, child welfare teacher training colleges and needlework teacher training colleges are either private, self governing institutions or run by the State.
  • In 2004, the Ministry of Integration launched the 100 trainee Placements in 100 Days campaign, which seeks to ensure that young people with an ethnic background other than Danish are given trainee placements.
  • The campaign also consists of a number of other initiatives such as additional vocational training of the employees involved in trainee placements and establishment of local trainee placement networks.
  • All the teacher Training institutions have been provided with copies, and trainee teachers' use as reference material.
  • These programmes are run by vocational rehabilitation centres and every trainee receives a monthly stipend.
  • Training in computers since 1974. Certified trainee, Centre d'études pour l'informatique et l'Automatique
  • Quill is placed in an orphanage but escapes and eventually becomes a trainee NASA astronaut.
  • A traineeship does not oblige the trainee to provide labour nor the business to remunerate.
  • Exceptionally, and as decided by the Director, this reimbursement may be paid to a trainee.
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