"en quelque sorte d'autre" en anglais

Comment dire "en quelque sorte d'autre" en anglais, la traduction "en quelque sorte d'autre" en anglais :

En quelque sorte d'autre

Somehow else

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10 exemples phrases

  • But this is just one of many environmental debts that will somehow have to be paid in long after the fighting has stopped by the victims, if by nobody else.
  • 'thank you' You don't have to justify it and somehow your beingness comes alive, its cleaned somehow.
  • I always want to make that people always somehow feel that gold is somehow better than paper money.
  • That if somehow inside, your heart is turned towards the True, then everything else will work fine.
  • So of course, it's a game somehow between the uh, the power and being impotent somehow, you know
  • So somehow, growing up in Louisiana, I somehow picked up the British English version of it.
  • And then it is recognized somehow that I must be that which is perceiving everything else.
  • That somehow we, we, as Consciousness, we are cooperating with this delusion, somehow.
  • But somehow, everyone, including the workers... ... keep saying there was no one else.
  • They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.
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