"en disant bonjour" en anglais

Comment dire "en disant bonjour" en anglais, la traduction "en disant bonjour" en anglais :

En disant bonjour

By saying hello

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10 exemples phrases

  • Ramírez says former guests often text her, saying hello or reporting progress on their trip.
  • So I sent this company an email saying, hello. I'm Christien. I'm doing this research.
  • I was saying hello for half an hour. I'll be all right. Laughter
  • Abdul, are you okay Yeah, I was saying hello for half an hour.
  • Sure now, that's a crazy way for two friends to be saying hello.
  • hello, hello, hello... screaming guitar distortion
  • hello, hello, hello, darling Darling All right.
  • Why did you come upstairs without saying hello
  • hello, hello, hello How do you do, everybody
  • They went by without saying 'hello'.
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