"en agitant bonjour" en anglais

Comment dire "en agitant bonjour" en anglais, la traduction "en agitant bonjour" en anglais :

En agitant bonjour

Waving hello

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10 exemples phrases

  • Jubilant demonstrators stormed parliament waving Iraqi flags and chanting.
  • Did I see someone waving to me or did I imagine seeing a hand waving
  • Antioxidant depilatory reducing hair waving or straightening
  • Depilatory reducing keratolytic hair waving or straightening
  • fahadalassiry Car in Doha Qatar waving Egyptian flags.
  • People waving Maldives flags after the tension is over.
  • hello, hello, hello... screaming guitar distortion
  • Preparations for permanent waving or straightening
  • Greece and Italy are simply waving the refugees on.
  • My brother was threatened by someone waving a gun.
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