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Comment dire "disponible toute" en anglais, la traduction "disponible toute" en anglais :

Disponible toute

Available the whole

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  • The quantities delivered or sold directly, and the reference quantity available, for a part of a twelve month period, shall be determined as a proportion of the total deliveries or direct sales, and the reference quantity available, for the whole of the twelve month period.
  • In so doing the Member State concerned shall also determine whether these events should be available via whole or partial live coverage, or where necessary or appropriate for objective reasons in the public interest, whole or partial deferred coverage.
  • 3 To ensure that the total available quantity is used in full, provision should be made for the carry over of unused quantities from one tranche to the next, and the final tranche should be available to the Community as a whole.
  • If not all of these reference interest rates are available for the whole of the reference period referred to in the first subparagraph, the rates available during that reference period shall be applied.
  • Furthermore, the whole range of services available to European SMEs, particularly information Euro Info Centres and business cooperation BC Net , is of course also available to cooperatives.
  • As an aid to optimise dosing, several immunoassays are available for determining tacrolimus concentrations in whole blood including a semi automated microparticle enzyme immunoassay MEIA .
  • A whole range of instruments is available at European and national level to help accelerate technology development technology push and the market introduction process demand pull .
  • Mr Fitzgerald RDE . While thanking the Com missioner for his reply, it does appear to me that the whole question is rather vague at this stage with the information available.
  • A single subscription contract shall give access to the service on the whole of this network and subscriptions shall be available from the manager of any part of the network.
  • To this end, Europe as a whole, and each Member State individually, will have to make optimum use of all available resources and capacities, including the Structural Funds.
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