"dire que mon avis" en anglais

Comment dire "dire que mon avis" en anglais, la traduction "dire que mon avis" en anglais :

Dire que mon avis

Say my opinion

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  • Moreover, I have to say, by way of introduction to this brief speech, that, in my opinion and the opinion of my group, your place is not on this side of the Chamber it is on the other side.
  • Concerning Turkey, I would say that we must say to this new government, which is like a breath of fresh air in my opinion you must meet the Copenhagen criteria.
  • I should like to say to my colleagues in the Chamber that in my opinion the Notenboom pro cedure should be applied in every single committee in Parliament.
  • I do not know whether, as one of the speakers said, I am representative of my institution, and must say that this is my own personal opinion.
  • In my personal opinion, it will be possible to say that our culture comes to life, only when these two genres revive .
  • Finally, I must say that, in my opinion, Mrs Hautala' s example of those Russian dolls was not all that appropriate.
  • In my opinion the answer should be government, which is to say, the Member States, but also the European Community.
  • May I say that, in my opinion, Mrs Lienemann's report is more concerned with conquering the sea than protecting it.
  • This is my personal opinion, the opinion of my colleague and, I believe, the opinion of all the other Members too.
  • Had he said, 'Most experts contradict what I am about to say, but this is my opinion', I would have supported him.
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