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Dire politique

Political say

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  • With regard to the obligatory consultations with, shall we say, bodies of a political nature, we believe that the political debate is taking place now and will take place in the Council.
  • Secondly, I wonder if TABD representatives participated when political summits were held between the EU and the United States, that is to say, meetings at the highest political level.
  • I know that is a great political achievement, a great political report, but the individual specialist committees must surely have something important to say about the process.
  • I say this without excluding any of my compatriots, whatever their political position, because rights do not have any particular political, racial or cultural allegiance.
  • That is, to say, she will not be given any opportunity to influence the political process, because who knows what she might say or what information she could make public
  • I have to say that I cannot identify any political consensus for granting North Africa and Russia, for example, freedom of movement in any foreseeable political future.
  • But despite the seriousness of this subject I have to say that I regard the political role of the Danish Conservatives in this matter as down right political fraud.
  • However and I have to say this again and again in this Chamber, and I also say it in Turkey we are very dissatisfied with the pace of political development.
  • Commissioner Verheugen, you may rely on the support of our group when you say you want to find real political answers to real political questions.
  • The good people at issue that evening were various Russian activists currently imprisoned for what their supporters say are political reasons.
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