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Comment dire "dire mon avis" en anglais, la traduction "dire mon avis" en anglais :

Dire mon avis

State my opinion

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  • In my opinion, there should be a common regulation which applies irrespectively of the state of origin of the various Members.
  • In my opinion, though, the greatest and most significant blunder is from Richard Boucher, spokesman for the state Department.
  • It is my opinion, shared by the Legal Adviser of the Department of state, that the treaty cannot properly be so construed.
  • In my opinion, the granting of state aid is, and continues to be, a measure which is explicitly temporary in nature.
  • This is my personal opinion, the opinion of my colleague and, I believe, the opinion of all the other Members too.
  • In my opinion, the role of the Member states and of an individual approach to aviation per Member state is over.
  • In my opinion, European civil servants should have the same rights as those who live in any state of the Union.
  • So when I zoom out again, I get all of my state. And not just my state, my friend's state.
  • It is not my own personal opinion, but it is the opinion of the majority of my group.
  • Plus, it's not just my personal opinion, but the whole drama department's opinion.
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