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Dire explicitement

Explicitly stating

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  • 5.4 The aims of harmonised standards established by CEN European Committee for Standardisation on the basis of instructions from the Commission should be explicitly and clearly defined for the product or group of products in question, stating the uses covered harmonised standards must comply fully with instructions.
  • Article 14 itself indicates this explicitly for these articles by stating Without prejudice to Article 4 of the Treaty on European Union or to Articles 93, 106 and 107 of this Treaty , and implicitly in general with the phrase within the scope of application of the Treaties .
  • I am also pleased that we tightened up the wording yesterday by means of an amendment explicitly stating that Europol must bring access to documents into line with the European rules on transparency for public access to information must also apply to Europol.
  • In particular the ECB would see benefits in stating explicitly that the target institution , following an acquisition or increase of qualifying holdings , is expected to comply and continue to comply with all applicable prudential requirements .
  • Nowadays, important political representatives of countries which, in recent years, were less favourably inclined towards this development, are stating explicitly that they are in favour of this supranational prospect.
  • amend the scope of the exclusions by stating explicitly that the directive applies to documents held by public museums and public and university libraries, Europe's common cultural heritage
  • On the contrary, Article 125 of the Maastricht Treaty explicitly excludes bailouts, stating that neither the Union nor its member states are liable for the commitments of EU governments.
  • To approve the directive without stating explicitly which actions are to be punishable is incompatible with the principle of legality to which my political group and myself subscribe.
  • A number of Members, among them Mr Partrat and Mr Baillot, have tabled an amendment stating explicitly that firms outside the Community cannot be used under the directive.
  • Although this principle is already underlying in the common position the amendments will contribute to clarify the common position by explicitly stating that
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