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Comment dire "dire dire" en anglais, la traduction "dire dire" en anglais :

Dire dire

Say tell

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10 exemples phrases

  • It does not say, and say to them, it's not written and tell your son, and say to him.
  • tell me, tell me, tell me, I say, repeated Milady, how do you know it
  • People say, I'll tell you what's wrong with having a conversation.
  • Say, tell me about your partners whom you invoke besides Allah
  • They tell me to say, No, tell them that we grew up with that.
  • The winners tell jokes and the losers say, Deal the cards.
  • I tell you, Gabrielle, I can say I'm tremendously impressed.
  • Now you say, 'Go, tell your lord, Behold, Elijah is here. '
  • Say, tell me, what are they like the others the foreigners
  • We want to curl up and say, tell it to me, tell it to me.
  telling  means  saying  does  wanted
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