"dire bonjour mon" en anglais

Comment dire "dire bonjour mon" en anglais, la traduction "dire bonjour mon" en anglais :

Dire bonjour mon

Say my hello

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10 exemples phrases

  • hello Daniela, hello Dailyn. hello Marcos I go to speak a moment with my mom, my house is your house.
  • They say hello. You should have said hello too.
  • Anything that says 'hello' will say 'goodbye'.
  • Everything comes, Say, hello ... goodbye.
  • Come say hello to my cousin Melanie first.
  • My dinner just came back up to say hello.
  • Can't fuckin' say hello Chill, Sayid.
  • My younger sister didn't say hello.
  • But please just properly say hello.
  • You're supposed to say hello first.
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