"dire à mon esprit" en anglais

Comment dire "dire à mon esprit" en anglais, la traduction "dire à mon esprit" en anglais :

Dire à mon esprit

Tell my mind

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10 exemples phrases

  • I will tell you as much of the history of the wanderer you have harboured, as I can tell without compromising my own peace of mind my own security, moral and physical, and that of others.
  • Well now, I'll tell you, Dick, I'd always had it in my mind that Ceddie would come in with me someday.
  • I tell him everything going through my mind... ... but the man's mouth is shut completely.
  • Out of my fucking mind mind, mind I'm out of my fucking mind, G G golly, oh my
  • I be yelling out money over everything, money on my mind mind, mind, mind
  • I meant to tell you about him last night, but I guess it slipped my mind.
  • I can't tell if she's happy or sad, and I change my mind all the time.
  • I forgot to tell you with all the other things on my mind.
  • Because people will tell you things and colour your mind.
  • Out of my, Out of my, mind Out of my fucking mind I'm I'm
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