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Comment dire "devrait envoyer" en anglais, la traduction "devrait envoyer" en anglais :

Devrait envoyer

Should send

Devrait envoyer

Should send out

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  • The report should also leave out the list naming those countries that did not send mixed teams to the last Olympic Games, although it is important to appeal to all countries to send mixed teams.
  • Whereas provision should be made for Member States to send the Commission a copy of the information they send the CCR in accordance with this Rgulation,
  • The competent institution should complete Part A of the form and send two copies to the insured person, or send them where necessary through
  • Ladies and gentlemen, we continually need to send out our message, but we should realise that forced evangelisation does not work.
  • I believe that we should do these things quickly, but at the same time we should send out the right signals in the Convention.
  • We should not only send out this message in Johannesburg, but also in Brussels and Strasbourg, and preferably every day.
  • The fact is that we are, once again, at a crossroads where the European Union should send out a message and a warning.
  • Besides, this agenda should send out a signal to the candidate countries, and I therefore wish it every success.
  • We need to send out a message today that adults should be given work and children should be sent to school.
  • We therefore felt we should not be send ing out any incorrect signals to the market in our price proposals.
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