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Comment dire "deux gars" en anglais, la traduction "deux gars" en anglais :

Deux gars

Two guys

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10 exemples phrases

  • They say, hey, take my electrons. These guys say, take these two electrons. And these guys, they start to say, especially as you fill the d subshell, I've got these two electrons, and not only do
  • guys, keep in mind that, it's cambodian politics vs thai politics, not the two people of these two countries.
  • Now in the meantime, the two Danish guys to the left of the camera, they're cracking up.
  • Two studly helicopter military guys walked over and said they could take four people.
  • Two of these guys have done serious time. Look, they're the best at what they do.
  • Went in, paid my ten pesos, walked up 10 women two guys, usually a good ratio.
  • Are you nuts Those guys from Chicago offered me two million three months ago.
  • These are two Danish guys who come out and sit down next to the hidden camera.
  • No way. We're different. It does work in Bulgaria, you guys. Two reasons.
  • Better take these two guys out of here before they pick somebody's pocket.
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