"de toute personne" en anglais

Comment dire "de toute personne" en anglais, la traduction "de toute personne" en anglais :

De toute personne

Of any person

De toute personne

Of every person

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  • every taxable person shall likewise issue an invoice in respect of any payment to account made to him before any supplies of goods referred to in the first subparagraph and in respect of any payment to account made to him by another taxable person or by a non taxable legal person before the provision of services is completed.
  • person shall mean any natural person, any legal person, or any other entity without legal personality constituted or organised under the laws and regulations of each Contracting Party, carrying out importation, exportation, or transit of goods
  • In accordance with the Law On General Education every person without any age restriction has the right to start general secondary education providing that person has received the certificate of primary education.
  • quot Any person who, with intent to maim, disfigure or disable any person or to do some grievous harm to any person, or to resist or prevent the lawful arrest or detention of any person
  • 50. As for the right of every accused person to a fair trial, article 21 of the Constitution stipulates that every accused person is innocent until he is proved guilty.
  • every taxable person referred to in paragraph 1 b and every taxable person who exercises the option provided for in the third subparagraph of Article 28a 1 a .
  • One can do it as a tech person, or as a finance person, or a nonprofit person, or as an entertainment person, but every one of us is all of those things and more.
  • g Unlawfully casts or throws any such fluid or substance at or upon any person, or otherwise applies any such fluid or substance to the person of any person,
  • Any person commits an offence within the meaning of the present Convention if that person, by any means, unlawfully and intentionally, causes
  • 2. 'person in work linked training means any person, of whatever age, in vocational training, at any level including higher education.
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