"désolé les gars" en anglais

Comment dire "désolé les gars" en anglais, la traduction "désolé les gars" en anglais :

Désolé les gars

Sorry guys

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  • So, hello and welcome to another week of software as a service. Dave Paterson is out of town today so you guys are stuck with just me. sorry.
  • From Syria, human rights activist Wissam Tarif tweets sorry guys but I had problems with my twitter account, email, and website.
  • sorry, guys, you can't go in there. And if you can't assemble, how you gonna be a National Assembly
  • sorry guys, you were marching for the Department of Intelligence and Security DRS , not for Algeria.
  • I'm sorry, but these demands are going to be used against you to show that you guys are not serious.
  • And after these guys bump into those guys, those guys are going to go back to where they were.
  • And so these guys are going to run into those guys, who are going to run into the next guys.
  • Some of you guys know Paul Rand, the greatest graphic designer I'm sorry out there.
  • I am sorry I cannot show you my face, because if I do, the bad guys will come for me.
  • And my favorite talk we shouldn't have a favorite talk, sorry, guys
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