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Déplacement onde

Displacement wave

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  • But this wave started, and if I question the wave, or try to stop the wave or look back at the wave, I often have the experience of whiplash or the potential of my neck breaking. But if I go with the wave, and I trust the wave and I move with the wave, I go to the next place,
  • The linear variable differential transformer LVDT also called just a differential transformer, linear variable displacement transformer, or linear variable displacement transducer is a type of electrical transformer used for measuring linear displacement position .
  • A full load displacement exceeding 500 tonnes with a maximum design speed, fully loaded, exceeding 35 knots in a significant wave height of 3,25 m Sea State 5 or more or
  • A full load displacement exceeding 1500 tonnes with a maximum design speed, fully loaded, exceeding 25 knots in a significant wave height of 4 m Sea State 6 or more.
  • And then this wave seems to be born as a wave. Floats along as a wave, which you call the life of a wave and subsides again, we call death of a wave.
  • This fresh wave of attacks, which has caused significant civilian displacement, has effectively annulled the peace agreements signed in 2007.
  • As the wave become larger, the pressure differences get larger along to the wave growing, then the wave growth rate is getting faster.
  • Such persons have the right to protection from displacement, protection during displacement and protection after displacement.
  • In commemoration of the Nakba, and the displacement that continues today, we are releasing 'An Ongoing displacement'.
  • 'Power displacement ratio' shall be calculated by dividing the engine power P kW by the boat's displacement
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