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Comment dire "d'autres gars" en anglais, la traduction "d'autres gars" en anglais :

D'autres gars

Some other guys

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  • There are various schools of thought as to the origin of the recent period of insanity, some of them perhaps too simplistic and smacking unduly of some puerile film about good guys and bad guys.
  • That the guys who are running, you know, the local gangs they're just like the guys, in some sense, who are running the McDonald's.
  • You can take the nostril too, because some guys think some guys think I can peek through the nostril, so do more. Go, go.
  • For crying out loud, I heard some guys talking about you... saying you were in on some crooked work.
  • And sometimes it would be advantageous for one of these guys to try to sabotage the other guys.
  • Before, things were simple you had the good guys on one side and the bad guys on the other.
  • But some were for working, some were for playing, some were for guys to collect their things.
  • Sebastian is preparing some amazing scenes hundreds of guys in the ravine panning for gold.
  • some of you guys know Paul Rand, the greatest graphic designer I'm sorry out there.
  • Manipulating each other, the terrorists and the security guys became indistinguishable.
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