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Operational current


Current forward

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  • The Commission came forward with a perfectly sensible communication a discussion paper with its options of the current EU list, plus shrimps and frogs' legs, of the current wider Member States' list, or of the current EU list alone.
  • Two major ocean currents affect Japan the warm Kuroshio current Black current also known as the Japan current and the cold Oyashio current Parent current also known as the Okhotsk current .
  • It is bounded on the west by the Gulf stream on the north, by the North Atlantic current on the east, by the Canary current and on the south, by the North Atlantic Equatorial current.
  • The disastrous situation will only intensify the current stream of people fleeing from Zimbabwe, adding new burdens to the neighbouring countries.
  • Twenty five of Sernam s traditional operational sites have physical conditions incompatible with current productivity ratios in this sector.
  • Most of the state's current stream valleys and canyons date from the Pleistocene to the present, as the final geologic shaping of the state.
  • For periodic technical inspections, the documentation shall describe how the current operational status of The System can be checked.
  • The Gulf stream, a warm ocean current, runs northward just off the coast, allowing the city's climate to stay warm and mild all year.
  • The European Union is looking forward to the CTED's becoming fully operational during the current 90 day period.
  • This is a result of the Gulf stream and its extensions the North Atlantic current and the Norwegian current.
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