"courant ou non courant" en anglais

Comment dire "courant ou non courant" en anglais, la traduction "courant ou non courant" en anglais :

Courant ou non courant

Current or non-current

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  • Total current receipts Taxes Social security contributions Other current receipts Total expenditure current transfers Actual interest payments Public consumption Net capital expenditure Surplus or deficit Primary balance Surplus or deficit , net of public investment expenditure a
  • General government current transfers code 380 General government transfers comprise current international cooperation , which covers current transfers in cash or in kind between governments of different economies or between governments and international organizations .
  • Gate threshold current, latching current and holding current A TRIAC starts conducting when a current flowing into or out of its gate is sufficient to turn on the relevant junctions in the quadrant of operation.
  • Instruments and apparatus for measuring or checking voltage, current, resistance or electrical power, non electronic, without recording device excl. multimeters, voltmeters and oscilloscopes and oscillographs
  • Two major ocean currents affect Japan the warm Kuroshio current Black current also known as the Japan current and the cold Oyashio current Parent current also known as the Okhotsk current .
  • A more complete definition is that current liabilities are obligations that will be settled by current assets or by the creation of new current liabilities.
  • f Inclusion of regional organizations in non permanent membership through representation by the current chairman or president of their supreme organs
  • The policy response or, more accurately, the policy non response to the current slowdown is an important validation of this new approach.
  • At the present time, proceedings for infringement or non observance of current environmental legislation are pending in more than 150 cases.
  • Rails of iron or steel, for railway or tramway track, used excl. check rails and current conducting rails with parts of non ferrous metal
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