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Comment dire "courant de choc" en anglais, la traduction "courant de choc" en anglais :

Courant de choc

Surge current

Courant de choc

Shock current

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  • Two major ocean currents affect Japan the warm Kuroshio current Black current also known as the Japan current and the cold Oyashio current Parent current also known as the Okhotsk current .
  • Anyone who touched it got a fearsome shock and such a shock would have been fatal if Captain Nemo had thrown the full current from his equipment into this conducting cable
  • Against the background of high and rising unemployment , current transfers to households increased sharply , while the surge in debt led to higher interest payments .
  • After the general surge in new listings IPOs on stock exchanges in the 1990s, the current slowdown has significantly reduced their number.
  • Appreciates the efforts of all peacekeeping personnel in dealing with the current unprecedented surge in peacekeeping operations
  • Wars in Syria, Eritrea, Libya, and Mali have been a huge factor in driving the current surge of refugees seeking to reach Europe.
  • The increase was mainly caused by a surge in current transfers and public consumption as a percentage of GDP see Table 6 .
  • In case of anaphylactic shock, the current medical standards for shock treatment should be implemented see section 4.8 .
  • The induced magnetosphere of Venus has a bow shock, magnetosheath, magnetopause and magnetotail with the current sheet.
  • The main dangers are those of an inflationary surge in the United States and continuing current account imbalances.
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