"courant de charge" en anglais

Comment dire "courant de charge" en anglais, la traduction "courant de charge" en anglais :

Courant de charge

Load current

Courant de charge

Charging current

Courant de charge

Charge current

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  • Two major ocean currents affect Japan the warm Kuroshio current Black current also known as the Japan current and the cold Oyashio current Parent current also known as the Okhotsk current .
  • A small change to the input current results in much larger change in the output current supplied to the output load.
  • German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder faces the same charge in the current German election campaign.
  • Your current changes will be lost if you load another scheme before saving this one
  • The current situation, with the army in charge, cannot be changed from the inside.
  • However, current preschool facilities in no way meet current demand.
  • current transfers are to be recorded in the current account .
  • IAS 13 Presentation of current Assets and current Liabilities
  • current transfers are to be recorded in the current account.
  • Duplicate current Layout Make a copy of the current layout.
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