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Comment dire "contre l'humanité" en anglais, la traduction "contre l'humanité" en anglais :

Contre l'humanité

Against humanity

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  • 148. The notion of quot crimes against humanity quot differs from war crimes in that crimes against humanity can be committed before, as well as during, a war and against any population, including the perpetrator apos s own population.
  • As to genocide, ethnic cleansing and other such crimes against humanity, are they not also threats to international peace and security, against which humanity should be able to look to the Security Council for protection
  • This is a crime against humanity and speaks volumes about the deadly harm inflicted by the current organisation of the economy, which plunges a part of humanity into barbarism.
  • 11. Systematic crimes against women are crimes against humanity, and the failure of Governments to prosecute those responsible for such crimes implies complicity.
  • But Qaddafi s regime became an international pariah mainly for a series of terrorist plots abroad, not for crimes against humanity committed against Libyans.
  • This states that every single person on the planet has inherent rights that should be defended against the world crimes against humanity.
  • And why the overwhelming majority of humanity has declared them off limits. A crime against humanity and a violation of the laws of war.
  • Considers the actions perpetrated against civilian Azerbaijani population in occupied Azerbaijani territory as crimes against humanity.
  • The IMT Charter introduced into international law the notions of crimes against the peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity.
  • quot Our common victory against the only system to be declared a crime against humanity since the defeat of nazism is in sight.
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