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  • It is so to speak the journeyman work, which this Community must produce as a sign of political and economic maturity, a journeyman work, which also allows the Community to take a creditable place on the international scene, where it has other goals, for example in Geneva, Reykjavik, at GATT negotiations or at the United Nations.
  • 'Yes, madam,' says the constable and turning to the fellow 'Come, young gentleman,' says he to the journeyman, 'you must go along with us I hope you are not above the constable's power, though your master is.'
  • So as a journeyman, I put an ad into the paper that I had studied, that I was a down to earth potter's journeyman and I was looking for a job as a journeyman.
  • b Three to four year trade schools that usually lead to a journeyman apos s certificate after an apprenticeship under a master in the trade
  • As to the journeyman, he had very little to say, but that he pretended other of the servants told him that I was really the person.
  • I warrant you,' says she, 'you shall make the mercer pay you 500 for damages, besides what you shall get out of the journeyman.'
  • So this gave me the possibility because now I was a journeyman, and journeymen also take their satchel and go to see the world.
  • Most popularized by an absolutely phenomenal pamphlet written by a journeyman journalist and thinker named Thomas Paine.
  • About 20 per cent graduate with a journeyman apos s certificate 10 per cent are women, 90 per cent men .
  • After this he became a journeyman and never played for the same team for more than one season at most.
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