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Comment dire "collègues nous" en anglais, la traduction "collègues nous" en anglais :

Collègues nous

Us colleagues

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  • Again and again colleagues stuck with it whenever there was pressure from the Council, and in the end, that gave us this success as did the excellent cooperation you gave us, Commissioner.
  • Let us now work together to identify the right action to take and let us show the flexibility which the rapporteur and also other colleagues have reminded us is so important.
  • My under standing is that my Danish colleagues will be voting against, my British colleagues will be voting against and my Spanish colleagues will be voting for.
  • May I once again thank my colleagues, you, Commissioner, and your staff, who always rendered us excellent assistance whenever we were faced with major questions.
  • US Treasury secretaries have always loved to lecture their foreign colleagues on America s economic perfection, and why every country should seek to emulate it.
  • Her colleagues told HRW that she was investigating a suspected embezzlement of more than 13 million Guinean francs of public money 1.8 million US dollars .
  • As Mr Poettering pointed out a moment ago, a number of Russian colleagues paid us a visit last week and told us that Chechnya is returning to normality.
  • Mr Dimitriadis DR . GR Mr President, colleagues, we have listened with interest to MrWedek ind telling us, as usual, what the Turks in Cyprus want.
  • Mr President, the balance sheet for implementation of the budget for the first half of this year causes us, and other colleagues, serious misgivings.
  • Dear colleagues, who in the outside world knows us we who are protecting the interests of the citizens Who acknowledges such work for the citizen
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