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Collègues internationaux

International colleagues

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  • The author, now Chief Economic Adviser at India s finance ministry, and I were colleagues and sometimes co authors at the international Monetary Fund and the Peterson Institute for international Economics.
  • It also constitutes a violation of international law and thus makes General Aidid and his senior colleagues liable to prosecution before an international tribunal or the criminal courts of any State.
  • The recent sentencing of the well known human rights and pro democracy campaigner, Professor Saad Ibrahim, and his colleagues has aroused widespread interest in the international community.
  • Together with his team of UNDP international and national colleagues, the Special Coordinator has led the United Nations system apos s emergency relief operations throughout the country.
  • An Introduction to international Protection was issued in January 2005, while more than 650 colleagues have now participated in the Protection Learning Programme PLP .
  • My under standing is that my Danish colleagues will be voting against, my British colleagues will be voting against and my Spanish colleagues will be voting for.
  • Mr President, I want to reiterate the concern that colleagues, particularly Irish colleagues, have mentioned about this MOX shipment back from Japan.
  • We have always valued the opportunity to exchange information with our international colleagues and to collaborate on issues of common interest.
  • At this moment we have with us some journalists who were sacked along with 120 colleagues from a Thompson international News paper in Aberdeen.
  • Other colleagues are already preparing reports on these issues. What is more, 1987 has been declared international Year of the Homeless.
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