"collègues de sexe féminin" en anglais

Comment dire "collègues de sexe féminin" en anglais, la traduction "collègues de sexe féminin" en anglais :

Collègues de sexe féminin

Female colleagues

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  • A few days later, Hani Helal Egypt's Minister of Higher Education banned female undergraduates from wearing the niqab in the country's public universities, Al Masri Al Yom newspaper reported. Why are you wearing the niqab while sitting in the class with your female colleagues
  • Sex ratio At birth 1.12 male s female 0 14 years 1.16 male s female 15 24 years 1.07 male s female 25 54 years 0.95 male s female 55 64 years 0.98 male s female 65 years and over 0.62 male s female Total population 0.98 male s female 2014 est.
  • There appears to be little stereotyping in terms of subjects taught women can be found teaching mathematics, sciences and technology alongside their male colleagues and males teaching English and social sciences alongside their female colleagues.
  • So there is no doubt that we support the objective of equal opportunities, and this was also apparent from the speeches that my female colleagues and I made this morning.
  • female genital mutilation FGM , also known as female genital cutting and female circumcision, is the ritual removal of some or all of the external female genitalia.
  • My under standing is that my Danish colleagues will be voting against, my British colleagues will be voting against and my Spanish colleagues will be voting for.
  • 2.12 If violence occurs at work and is perpetrated by colleagues, superiors, customers or users, female workers will not feel safe.
  • Why do you not go back there and fight the crusades for emancipation of which your female colleagues have so much need
  • Syrian Blogger and Freedom of Speech advocate Razan Ghazzawi was released on Saturday along with her female colleagues.
  • The proportion of female lawyers in Guinea is four in 10, female bailiffs four in 41, and female notaries one in five.
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