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Collègues chinois

Chinese colleagues

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  • While among my western colleagues, these elections represent a momentous political situation with human rights implications, the chinese though not unconcerned with potential elections violence find the politics disruptive of business.
  • For thirty years, former President Suharto systematically discriminated against ethnic chinese, while at the same time favoring a few select chinese cronies, who helped his family and military colleagues make huge, ill gotten profits.
  • A number of the so called Belarusian jeans opposition activists , as if following a wave of the conductor's baton, together with their Russian colleagues began to defend the Iranian opposition and the chinese rebels.
  • Xi and his colleagues are resolute in attempting to solve this problem by staying nbsp the nbsp course to rebalance the chinese economy, while remaining acutely aware of cyclical risks.
  • And I asked chinese people, with correspondence, Was there ever a chinese baby born that spoke chinese through the thousands of years of speaking chinese They said, No.
  • My under standing is that my Danish colleagues will be voting against, my British colleagues will be voting against and my Spanish colleagues will be voting for.
  • chinese news websites reported he had bought up copies of the book for his colleagues so that they could understand socialism with chinese characteristics.
  • There is West Indian chinese food, there's Jamaican chinese food, there is Middle Eastern chinese food, there's Mauritian chinese food.
  • We will be able to form these lines when our chinese colleagues have completed their research of the chinese TDs and SPGs.
  • As some chinese colleagues told me, the success of reforms in the next decade will depend more than ever on good design.
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