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Comment dire "coûter cher" en anglais, la traduction "coûter cher" en anglais :

Coûter cher

Cost dearly

Coûter cher

Get expensive

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  • The difference between last year's most expensive and this year's cheapest basket cost was 12 percent, while the gap between last year's cheapest and this year's most expensive one was 21 percent.
  • Well ideally, you want to sell the apples in the more expensive market where you can get 1.50 apple. And you want to buy apple in the less expensive market where you can get them for 1 apple.
  • But doing so could cost Democrats dearly in old industrial states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan, where the arrival of Mexican migrants, transformed into immigrants, has stoked passions.
  • These are cheaper for the consumer, but cost society as a whole more dearly because these alternatives cannot afford to care as much about workers and the environment.
  • Anyone who argues that it is all too expensive has still not made a serious comparison of, say, the cost of pollution and the actual cost of reducing exhaust gases.
  • A failure to invest more in research and develop a world class research system in Europe will cost future generations dearly and put our well being at risk.
  • As chairman of the Committee on Budgets, I would dearly love to know the cost of that temporary committee for an outcome that had nothing at the end of it.
  • To rely instead on central banks to refloat the US and European economies is an abdication of responsibility that will cost us dearly in the future.
  • accountancy procedures constantly change and in many cases require expensive, third parties auditing that increases bureaucratic burdens and cost.
  • Yet Obama lacks a medium term vision to deal with the seriousness of the situation an oversight that, sooner or later, will cost the US dearly.
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