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Comment dire "choc de pression" en anglais, la traduction "choc de pression" en anglais :

Choc de pression

Pressure shock

Choc de pression

Shock pressure

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  • The most serious of these are respiratory depression slow or shallow breathing , circulatory depression slow heart beat , hypotension low blood pressure and shock insufficient blood flow to the tissues .
  • Rarely human normal immunoglobulins may cause a sudden fall in blood pressure and, in isolated cases, anaphylactic shock, even when the patient has shown no hypersensitivity to previous administration.
  • Portable electric shock devices, including but not limited to, electric shock batons, electric shock shields, stun guns and electric shock dart guns having a no load voltage exceeding 10000 V
  • With limited labor mobility, and the euro removing the other shock absorber exchange rate adjustments , great pressure will fall on those countries with the worst downturns.
  • Indeed, shock therapy's advocates argue that its failures were due not to excessive speed too much shock and not enough therapy but to insufficient shock.
  • You may be allergic hypersensitive to immunoglobulins antibodies and allergic reactions such as a sudden fall in blood pressure or shock may occur.
  • And not just iridium it's filled with glassy spherules, and it's filled with quartz grains that have been subjected to enormous pressure shock quartz.
  • List conditions such as heat, pressure, shock, static discharge, vibrations or other physical stresses that might result in a hazardous situation.
  • increased blood pressure bleeding, partial or complete blocking of blood vessels, reduced blood pressure blood clot in a vein of a limb, shock
  • In very rare cases mild hypersensivity reactions may develop into serious reactions with dyspnoea, fall in blood pressure and sometimes shock.
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